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Online Acting Classes

Instructor:  Tina Gallo 

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***Christ Centered and Glorifying***

Learn techniques of acting. Explore what it means to honor and glorify the Lord in this talent filled expansion of creativity. Give your children a will and a way to use their burning passion for the Lord in acting. All safely offered through zoom, meeting you across the nations!


Tina desires to pour into the next generation of Christ followers passion for Godly content and media. Arming the next generation in skills, techniques of acting for Christian, pure media!


The goal of great acting is to get actors “to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances”.


In some of the older advanced classes You will be learning technique, sense memory, repetition, cold reading, scene study, monologues and improvisation as the foundation from which you as an actor develop your craft.


No experience necessary, come one come all!

Online 6 Week Classes


Tuesday's class: Elementary School  (ages 6 -11)

  2 pm - 3 pm CST

  Starting January 5

Wednesday's class: Middle - High School  (ages 12 -18)

  2 pm - 4 pm CST

  Starting January 6

Class size 10 students max

Special discount at only $187 for the 6 week course during this quarantine time

Regular price $285

Payment option links: 

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