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welcome to nsma

Nashville Studio of Method Acting (NSMA) cultivates artists to behave truthfully, perform authentically, train under, and abide by the techniques of the Stanislavsky System and Method.


who we are

NSMA is a prestigious online community of actors across the nation who are dedicated to honing their craft through mastering the techniques of the Stanislavsky System. Under the expert guidance of actress and lifetime member of The Actor's Studio, Tina Gallo, NSMA offers a variety of exclusive online classes, captivating guest speakers, and immersive in-person workshops.  Each offering is crafted to mirror the rigorous training found in the conservatories of New York City.  Join us at NSMA to delve deep into the art of acting and unlock your true potential on the stage and screen!

-Audition Prep
-Script Analysis
-Character Analysis

+30 Minutes, $60
+60 Minutes, $90

summer 1-on-1 sessions

20% Off

July 1- August 15th

our classes


Service Name

Intro to Method 101


This class is designed for newer actors who are ready to explore Method techniques, exercises, and the history of the Group Theatre.

This is a 4-week LIVE online Zoom class to learn the foundational techniques, and the history of Stanislavsky & the Group Theatre​.  We will cover character building, relaxation, sense memory, and perform monologues.

We will explore the approach and process to equip you for a role through character analysis and script analysis.

  • $350

  • 6-8pm CST Tuesdays

  • No refunds or credits


Service Name

6-week Intensive 201

Our 6-week intensive is designed for actors who are pursuing the craft as a profession and serious about growing in their work to their next level.  In this 6-week LIVE online class, students meet for three hours to learn the exercises that will strengthen their imagination and concentration.

​Actors will work in every class on the foundational techniques of relaxation, sense memory, improvisation, and the study of human behavior to create a character's life.  201 trains the student to respond quickly and fully to all stimuli, in an effort to create reality and spontaneity in performances.

  • $450

  • 6-9pm CST Tuesdays

  • No refunds or credits


Service Name

12-week intensive 202

Our 12-week intensive is designed for actors who are current professionals or pursuing the craft as a profession. In this 12-week LIVE online class, students meet once per week via Zoom for 3 hours with other working actors.

When an actor learns to use their "instrument" at this level in their work, it enables the techniques learned to become sealed and second nature for the actor. The goal is for the actor to use these tools in their own way—this includes thoughts, sensations, emotions, and realities. 

  • $780

  • Payment Plan Option

  • 10am-1pm CST Thursdays or Saturdays

  • No refunds or credits

payment options

Upon acceptance to the school, payments can be made to one of the accounts below— Zelle: 931-378-1641 or

Elevate your craft

Studying with NSMA has proven to take actors to their next level.  Hear from our students and alumni below...

"NSMA is for an actor who wants to become an artist."


An actor should look like they're LIVING the life of the character not ACTING the life."—Tina Gallo

our services


Demo reels and clips


When it comes to demo reels and clips, NSMA is here to assist in crafting, producing, and editing top-notch scenes that truly capture the emotional depth of each actor we collaborate with. If you're ready to elevate your acting career with a standout reel, don't hesitate to contact us for more information on availability and pricing. We can't wait to bring your talent to life on screen!



a-list  guest speaker series


NSMA brings in some of the finest actors and industry leaders in TV, Theatre, and Film on a quarterly basis.  Some of our past speakers have included Armand Assante (American Gangster, Gotti) Rob Kirkland (Mayor of Kingstown, Yellowstone), dialect coach Jill Massie, Hollywood acting coach Larry Moss, and more.

These are exclusive online events that sell out fast! We provide specific time for students to have direct question and answers with our guest.



Service Name

NSMA kids & Teens

NSMA now has a track available for children & teens!  We have a dedicated class for young people ages 11-14 and 15-18 to learn the foundations of Method and the history behind the Group Theatre. A 201 class is also designed for teens after completing their Intro course.  To enroll, check out our page below.  


Guest speaker series

"Acting is the most personal of our crafts. The make-up of a human being - his physical, mental and emotional habits - influence his acting to a much greater extent than commonly recognized. 

Acting isn't something you do. Instead of doing it, it occurs. If you're going to start with logic, you might as well give up. You can have conscious preparation, but you have unconscious results."

—Lee Strasberg

meet the team

Tina Gallo, award-winning stage & film actress (General Hospital, Didi), and founder of the Nashville Studio of Method Acting, is known for her no-nonsense approach to the craft of acting.

As a lifetime member of the renowned Actor's Studio in New York City, Tina ensures that her students receive the highest form of classical training that comes from her direct experience with the legends: Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, Sandy Meisner, Stella Adler, and Jack Waltzer.


Tina brings an invaluable gift to each student she interacts with; giving them insight into their unique abilities.

As an award-winning actress herself, Tina brings a realistic, trustworthy perspective to her teaching that truly sets her apart from others in the field. Her passion for honoring the writer, creating authentic character, and nurturing new and seasoned talent shines through in every class she leads, cultivating not only exceptional actors but also confident individuals ready to take on the world of entertainment. Check out how successful her students have been here.

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Tania Joy is NSMA's exuberant administrative assistant. With a degree in Business Finance (which she used in corporate America for over a decade) Tania handles the financial and administrative side of the school.  Tania is also a dedicated student to NSMA, and showcases a variety of talent (even winning Miss Illinois in 1996!)  Tania is an actress, a podcast host— the Tania Joy Show, and a celebrated singer & speaker.  You can reach her at

Victoria Hagni 3.jpg

Victoria Hagni is NSMA's quiet but powerful content creator. She creates and manages the school's social media promotionals, newsletter, and website.  Along with content creation, Victoria is an avid student at NSMA, an actress, teacher, and aspiring filmmaker.  You can reach her at

Actors who have trained in the method